God of War Devs are reportedly working on VR titles

Playstation VR is an exciting prospect for many console gamers. The platform has hosted some of the most popular titles of all time, including The Last of Us, Uncharted, and God of War. The latter of the titles has transcended through multiple generations of Sony’s console platform, and according to Sony Santa Montica, the developers of the title, virtual reality and Playstation VR are fields that are a ‘pretty heavy part of its dialogue at the moment’.

Head of the studio, Shannon Studstill, was recently interviewed by Kinda Funny Games, and brought up the fact that moving forward in the space is part of their job in the industry, so VR is definitely something they will be looking into.

This is the beginning of something big. And that’s our jobs, to make sure that we are– it doesn’t necessarily need to be an initiative and it’s not for us right now but the creatives at the studio are always out there looking at what’s going on.

And we have people at the studio and [in] game jams and they’ll bring in VR into that game jam experience and start to really double down and show the team what they’re capable of, what they see as a potential experience on that peripheral. So, yeah, it’s part of our dialogue pretty heavy right now.

While there have been seemingly endless rumors swirling about the release of a God of War IV title, there are no implications that the game will be made to be VR ready. What’s more likely is that the company is working on a completely new title to bring to the space, specifically tailored with VR in mind.

Are you a fan of the series? Looking forward to a new title by the developer?

Let us know.

via: VR Focus

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