Google Daydream VR demos showcase animation potential


We first caught a glimpse of Daydream back at Google I/O 2016. The platform is slated to be the next evolutionary step for Google Cardboard, soon to go toe to toe with the likes of Samsung Gear VR. This week Google released two new videos showing users taking advantage of some of Daydream’s capabilities in two animation-based experimental apps.

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The first video shows a user playing around with the Puppeteer app from Daydream Labs. Anyone familiar with character rigging in 3D modeling will likely see the possibilities virtual reality could bring to this field of design. Although the app has a very beta feel to it – they don’t call it an experiment for nothing – the user is able to quickly throw together a skeletal little jaunt by manipulating the character’s joints one at a time.

Daydream Labs’ second offering of the week also showcases some animation potential. By grabbing objects from a simple palette and recording the motion of objects one at a time over the course of an animated timeline, the user is able to build a small scene out of virtual toys. In Animator, a propeller plane blows through a cloud of Android dolls while a distraught dog watches in alarm.

Check out Daydream Labs’ YouTube channel for more experiments that throw a spotlight on the platform’s capabilities. There’s still no word as to when Daydream headsets are going to hit the market, but this fall looks pretty promising.

What are your thoughts regarding Google Daydream and these playful little demos? Something you can’t wait to get your hands on, or will you be sticking with Samsung Gear VR? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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