First trailer released for Google Daydream exclusive Eclipse: Edge of Light

The Google Daydream mobile VR platform is only a few months old and only available for a select few Android handsets. However, Google wants to make sure that people who do own Daydream-compatible phones have content that is available nowhere else. One of these examples is the upcoming game Eclipse: Edge of Light from developer White Elk. This week, it released the first trailer showing this Daydream exclusive game in action.

Eclipse is a first-person exploration game that begins after the playable character finds themselves in a spaceship that’s crashed on an alien planet. The game centers on the player making their way across this alien land, while also looking for parts of The Artifact, a device that is supposed to help them escape from this world.

The trailer shows off the game’s beautiful and minimalist art style, which is full of puzzles, odd looking trees and what appear to be holograms of humanoid aliens roaming around the land. It certainly looks a lot like similar first-person adventure-puzzle games such as Myst and the recently released The Witness.

Eclipse: Edge of Night was first announced in 2015 as a PlayStation VR game, but this trailer confirms it has now switched sides and is now a Google Daydream exclusive title. So far, there’s no word on when the game will be released, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to go exploring.

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