Google embraces WebVR with the launch of new film Tabel

Google has taken its next step forward in embracing the new WebVR platform with the launch of a new film called Tabel.

Having already released 12 demos for WebVR following its support addition to Chrome 56 to showcase the technology, Google is taking things to the next level releasing a full film.

Announced on Google blog The Keyword, Tabel is a short film telling multiple stories.

After hitting play, you’ll find yourself seated at a table in the center of an exclusive restaurant, where you can interact with six storylines by listening in on the conversations of others at the restaurant. “Tabel” uses a unique audio technique that enables you to follow one story at a time or jump between stories by simply looking around the restaurant.

Set in a restaurant, you’ll find the story feeds the audio of the conversation pertinent to the 6 different conversations to offer a different perspective. It encourages you to move around and experience the surroundings to fully embrace the virtual world.

As the night progresses, chaos engulfs the restaurant. Arguments break out as the temperature reaches unbearable levels, yet no one does anything to save the restaurant. As smoke billows out of the kitchen, you realize that—like the other characters in the story—you’ve been sitting back while the drama unfolds. You become a central figure in the story itself.

The best experience is obviously had with Daydream VR or Google Cardboard but the intention of WebVR is to make VR technology accessible directly from your browser. It’s a great concept and shows what WebVR can off to enhance the perspective of a viewer and change the dynamic of a simple film. Utilizing the WebVR enables the content to be enjoyed no matter what device you are viewing it on.

Tabel is filmed using Odyssey, the Jump camera that was developed in conjunction with GoPro and from the sound of things Google has a lot more WebVR experiments up its sleeve.

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