Google hires SoundStage developer to enhance creative VR experiences

SoundStage was arguably one of the most interesting games of last year, allowing players to operate a complete music studio in their own virtual world. The app wasn’t just made for fun – it gave users the unique opportunity to see how their newly developed tracks looked as well as sounded, and helped to mix music in a much more intuitive fashion. Google saw this, and has apparently opted to hire SoundStage developer Logan Olsen and bring him onto the Google VR team.

SoundStage came out of early access  just last month, arriving with a massive version 1.0 release on Steam which brought an array of new features to the application. This release apparently marked the end of active development for the application, meaning that it will sadly never grow into an app made to rival other serious expensive software.

We’re not totally sure what Olsen will be doing on Clay Bavor’s VR team at Google, but we know that he will likely be an essential asset to getting creative musical experiences on Google’s own DayDream VR platform. Tilt Brush could also be benefited significantly by Olsen’s skills, so we will have to see how that application continues to evolve over the next couple of months.

It should also be noted that SoundStage’s new 1.0  release moves the app to Oculus Rift as well, so Vive and Rift users alike will have the opportunity to play with the software.

What do you think Olsen will be doing at Google? Google I/O is happening in just over a month, so we’re hoping to see some major announcements in this space at that time.

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