Google lets you explore Petra in full 360 degrees with a new Cardboard experience

Google has been releasing a number of virtual tour experiences ever since the Cardboard virtual reality headset was first released, giving everyone the opportunity to explore various places around the world they would not normally have access to. Last year, the company launched a virtual tour of Petra in Google Street View, which helped viewers to learn about the lost city, and now Google is looking to amplify this experience with the introduction of a full 360 Petra experience for Google Cardboard.

Google used millions of high quality images taken from both the ground as well as above to get a complete look at what the city is truly like, and the result is gorgeous. You can stare upon the glory of the hidden tombs or see the valor of the huge arches or wide doorways. Virtual reality helps give users a much better sense of the scale of these immense sculptures, and Google thinks users from all over will love the experience.

If you want to check out the experience yourself, you can head over to to get a look.

Interested in the new tour? Any other locations you hope Google explores in the future?

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