Google and NFL team up to launch YouTube and Daydream VR football video series


If you like both NFL football and you are are a fan of VR, then you might want to get ready for a new series produced by both Google and the National Football League. The two companies announced a partnership for a series that will be offered in 360-degree video on both YouTube and the NFL’s upcoming Daydream VR app.

The nine-episode series, which does not yet have a name, will make its debut on Thanksgiving Day on the NFL YouTube channel. It will be released sometime later on the Daydream app that will be available for Daydream View headset owners, which works with phones like the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. All of the episodes are being shot with Google’s Jump 360-degree camera and capture system. The NFL claims it will be the “first episodic sports program in virtual reality”.

Here’s what NFL fans can expect from this VR series:

In the first episode of the series, viewers will spend a week with the Philadelphia Eagles defensive line as they prepare for the upcoming matchup and gain exclusive access to the Eagles bench and sideline on game day. Other episodes will give viewers the opportunity to tag along with the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, experience the distinctive football culture in Green Bay, and take a unique look inside the San Diego Chargers organization, to name a few.

The league’s NFL Films division is legendary for recording cinematic footage of football games, along with lots of intimate scenes on the sidelines and off the field. It should be very interesting to see that kind of experience used with the relatively new 360-degree camera technology.

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