Google is developing methods to promote sportsmanship and prevent trolls in VR


When you’re on the internet, it is almost a law of nature that someone will show up to try and ruin your day. Especially in things such as multiplayer games, internet trolls will rain in by the numbers to destroy opportunities granted to them by a person or group. Internet giant Google probably understands this better than anyone, and while in development of their Daydream mobile virtual reality platform, have put some thought into how to stop these trolls from ruining the day of so many others.

In a number of new videos released by the internet search giant, the company has demonstrated not only how it can prevent these trolls, but also how it can applaud users for showing signs of sportsmanship and friendliness.

The first video shows how it can prevent users from becoming intentionally aggressive towards one another. Using the example of dogs playing a game of poker, Google shows a player getting up out of his seat to become aggressive after losing a hand. The system switches the opponents avatar to a glowing orb, then escorts them back to their seat. In this way, players are unable to harass other users after losing interactive multiplayer games, which can help keep up morale for those just looking to have a good time.

The second video demonstrates how a game can potentially reward a player for showing positive signs of sportsmanship. In this demonstration, two players give each other a series of handshakes which trigger sounds and imaging like fireworks and sparks. If a player were to try to shove another player or show other signs of aggression however, they would not be so lucky to receive the feedback. This is a great method which increases the experience for those looking to be friendly in these virtual worlds, and should provide some positive reinforcement for good behavior.

The third and final demonstration shows exactly why these internet trolls can be such an issue. In a virtual group shopping experience, the video shows how some people might ruin others fun by doing things like putting objects in front of their partner’s eyes. This reinforces why creating these “troll precautions” is so important, and why companies such as Google are investing so much money to make these experiences as smooth as possible.

What do you think about the demonstrations? These videos showcase just a few of the cases in which trolls might be an issue, and a few potential ways in which Google could prevent them.

Let us know your thoughts below.

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