Google Launches “VR View” For Developers; iOS SDK Available As Well

Virtual reality is rapidly rising in popularity, and many people are trying to get in on the early implementations. However, integrating VR into our daily lives is something that is going to take quite a bit of time. The work required by an end user to initiate a virtual reality experience transcends almost all other sources of entertainment, and it is often difficult to distribute such experiences as part of the natural flow of information.

Today, Google has announced a new initiative to tackle this problem, and is looking to streamline the discovery-to-viewing experience. With “VR View”, developers can directly implement VR experiences into their apps and websites, allowing consumers to discover VR for themselves without needing to download a separate app or visit a specific website. Google knows that for the medium to succeed, consumers must be able to switch from using an app or browsing the web to a full VR experience easily and efficiently, and they are giving developers the ability to do just that. Another issue is enticing developers to implement the experiences themselves. With VR View, developers will be able to implement their VR experiences with extreme ease.

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Quoting Google’s product manager Nathan March:

“A lot of these businesses, they’re very focused on their core businesses and don’t have VR R&D teams ready to go and the thought of building a VR app from the ground-up is a giant investment.. A lot of what the VR View project is about is in trying to close the gap for those companies.”

Now that VR View has been released, Google has also released the Cardboard SDK for iOS. This is big news, as iPhones make up quite a large segment of the mobile market share. With the wide availability of cardboard headsets, having development occurring across both Android and iOS devices will allow developers of all backgrounds to produce new exciting VR experiences. March goes on to state:

“We really feel like the core vision of Cardboard is ‘VR for everyone.. And it turns out that a lot of phones in a lot of pockets are iOS phones.”

It’s great that Google has realized Android devices make up only a slice of the world’s devices, because iOS user and developer interaction with the technology is crucial to the success of virtual reality as a whole.

Are you excited about the implementation? Do you own an iOS device? Let us know below.

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