Google wants YouTubers to make VR videos with Jump 360 Rig

Google is putting a lot of effort into virtual reality that is focused on content creation and centered around YouTube, and this will become even more apparent with Daydream VR and its new dedicated VR app.

To embrace the move towards immersive 360 video, YouTube is encouraging its biggest stars to get into making 360 content with the launch of a new program.

Google says that its new YouTube VR app that comes as part of Daydream VR will be optimised for comfort and longer sessions, as well as the usual video discovery, search, and playlist functions. All content, including the regular 2D content, will be made available through the YouTube VR app, with the 2D content displayed in a virtual cinema type environment that is yet to be released. The platform is in place, but for it to succeed, YouTube needs content.

To encourage the creation of 360 video content, Google is launching a Jump Program in YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles and New York City that will put Jump camera rigs into the hands of YouTubers. This new program will be available to those with 10,000 or more subscribers who will have free access to the resources to create 360 video.

The hope is that by offering free access to resources for creating 360 video YouTubers will embrace the technology and create content in the new format, whereas otherwise may not have been able to afford the equipment. It’s great to see access offered like this as it helps make the technology more accessible for content creators, and helps YouTube fill its library of immersive 360 video.

Source: RoadtoVR

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