Google’s “Cardboard Camera” app is now available for iOS


Google was one of the first companies to make the world realize it was ready for virtual reality. Through the introduction of Google Cardboard at Google I/O 2014, hoards of companies and development studios have taken to the medium to experiment with new media that they never view was possible before. Though the initial launch of the product was little more than a proof of concept, it has led a revolution that has completely changed the way we will experience media in the future.

From the immense popularity of the headset spawned a number of smaller projects from the search giant. Though many of these focused on soaring users through far off mountain ranges and walking them through virtual museums, one app spawned which is helping to redefine how we share pictures with our friends. That app is Cardboard Camera.

Though initially only available on Android, the popularity of the product has spawned an expansion that Google can’t refuse. The app allows users to take 360 degree photos with their device, and share them with their friends to help visually explain a location they’ve visited. The ability to show people in such a realistic manor the environment surrounding you is an incredibly valuable asset, and bringing the app to iOS should help to expand its user base even further. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 360 degree picture is worth a million.

The app has been updated across both platforms to make sharing images with your friends easier than ever. In the past, users shared these experiences much like they would any normal image, but now, Google is automatically creating a shared folder with the sender and receiver, to allow for easy viewing from both parties. This will allow for users to share their experiences across platforms, and will also help to keep a log of all the experiences they’ve shared over time.


The app now also records ambient audio which it includes with each shared experience, which means you can immerse yourself in a location like never before. With the app becoming cross platform and this easy to use, we’re hoping even more users will jump on the Google Cardboard hype train. Although hundreds of thousands of headsets have already been distributed worldwide, it will take some time before there is a Cardboard viewer in every household.

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