Google’s Tango platform set to receive Unity support

During Unity’s Vision AR/VR Summit opening keynote, Google’s PM for Developer Platforms Nathan Martz announced that the company’s Tango AR platform will receive official native Unity integration.

Tango is Google’s AR platform and is set to join the VR platform offered by Google – Daydream VR – in receiving the official native support for Unity.

Tango lets you see more of your world. Just hold up your phone, and watch as virtual objects and information appear on top of your surroundings. So no matter where you are, there’s always a richer, deeper experience to engage with, explore and enjoy. You’ll see.

Martz stated that “this is going to make Tango AR development for smartphones just as accessible and powerful as Daydream VR is today” which is great to see that Google are focusing not only on the technology but also the consumable content available for the platform.

The native support of Unity is set to arrive and be integrated into Tango later this year in Unity version 2017.2.

Unity is a great toolkit that provides developers what they need to make fantastic content, and we’ve already seen that with Daydream VR. Having Unity accessible in the augmented reality space, and especially in a platform as exciting as Tango, is something that means developers will be able to bring great content ready for launch.


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