GoPro’s massive 360 degree VR rig is finally shipping

Google first showed off GoPro’s 16-camera virtual reality rig at I/O 2015, and it looks like it’s finally shipping.

The module, named Odyssey, costs $15,000 and shoots 360 degree 3D video using 16 of GoPro’s Hero 4 cameras. While that may seem like a large chunk of change, many 360 degree rigs can cost much, much more. For instance, Nokia’s module costs an immense $60,000, and offers many of the same features. GoPro’s rig shoots high definition video and includes a microphone, the rig structure, cables, a pelican case, and access to Google servers. The rig was announced to kickstart the art of virtual reality film making, but it seems as if a decent amount of players have entered the scene since the initial announcement. That is what Google was aiming for when it announced the product’s availability however, so if anything only positive things have come from the launch.

The reason for the delay of the modules release seems to be that the rig just wasn’t ready in time. In an interview with a GoPro representative, the company told The Verge,

Odyssey is the industry’s only commercially available automatic sync and stitch, stereo, 360-degree video capture solution. We will always take the time needed to give our customers the best products we can create.

You can still order one of the camera rigs if you so choose, but be weary that they are shipping out on a rolling basis, meaning that you won’t get yours until all the orders since last years I/O conference have been filled. With Google’s next developer conference coming up next week, it’s possible we could see some new software to use with the company’s Jump initiative, which is what the module was originally designed for.

Whether or not we see an improvement on this rig in particular is yet to be seen, but at least we know that the industry is finally starting to move in the direction Google imagined almost a year ago. Are you interested in ordering one of the modules? Looking for any additional features it doesn’t already offer?

via: The Verge

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