Grab these 10 Oculus Rift games on sale until September 20th


While the virtual reality content market is being populated with new games faster than a player can purchase them, a lot of users have been weary to make new purchases due to the high price of a lot of this content. For example, the game Onward, which has received critical levels of acclaim from numerous users on the HTC Vive subreddit, costs $24.99, making it much more expensive than many of the other experiences users could opt to purchase instead. Though Steam has a 2 hour return period on all of the titles present on its platform, Oculus’ Home software market isn’t so forgiving.

Fortunately for many users of Facebook’s virtual reality solution, the company has decided to put on a mini sale until the 20th of September. This should help many players have the opportunity to experience new games which they previously were nervous to drop the cash for, and should hopefully enable many people to find their new favorite experience. The games include the following:

While games on the platform will continue to get discounted over time, these titles are all technically part of Oculus’ official “Fall Sale”, and will only be discounted until September 20th. Other notable games on sale in the store which are not part of the event include:

  • Audio Arena – $7
  • Space Jones VR – $10
  • Worldy Cup – $5

Are there any of these titles games that you have been particularly interested in trying out? We’ve reported on a couple of these titles before, such as The Assembly and Project Cars, so it’s likely that you will be getting your money’s worth on these in particular. Head on over to the Oculus store to pick these up, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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