Practice and save your graffitti masterpieces in VR

Being a graffiti artist is hard. The style of the art form is something that can be extremely difficult to practice, since you often need a very large canvas to be able to hone your spray paint skills. Combined with the legality of the act and the fact that spray paint is so darn expensive, it can be very, very hard for people to become active in the medium. One of my room mates at home has been enthralled with the art form for years, but has never been able to practice the style due to the legal implications and lack of practice space required. Now, that’s all about to change, as the company King Spray have announced a new graffiti simulator game for virtual reality platforms.

The software touts multiple features which help to enhance the practice experience of artists. Within the software, users can choose from a huge array of paint types and colors, and work with realistic surfaces and materials to get a true street art experience. Users can also choose from a variety of outlines to use for practice, meaning it should be relatively easy for new artists to pick up and start honing their craft. The software alloys you to create your own outlines and stencils as well, so we will hopefully be seeing some sort of download marketplace where users can share their designs.

With rewind being tools integrated into the software, mistakes can now be fixed with the push of a button, eliminating the change of a miss-click ruining the entire piece for a user. Though this simple tool has been around for multiple years in products such as Photoshop, adding it to a new platform such as VR is crucial, as it allows for users to create incredible works without the fear of destroying a masterpiece.

Another cool feature of the game is something which the company calls “Ghetto Blaster” integration. This feature allows users to listen to online radio streamed to the experience, which should help to up the scale of immersion, while also allowing users to enjoy their favorite inspirational jams.

With other experiences like Google’s Tilt Brush software targeting artists, it seems the VR space could have another major industry working for it. Interested?

via: Kingspray


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  1. There are a lot of games that I am excited to play in VR, and this is near the top of that list. Something about it just grabs me.

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