Gunheart is a new high-speed space shooter from Drifter Entertainment

You’ve probably never heard of Drifter, and that’s because the studio technically hasn’t made anything yet. Collectively though, members of its team have produced a heck of a lot. The studio is made up of members from Epic Games, Oculus, and ID Team, who have worked on such marvels as Robo Recall, Gears of War, and even Halo. Now, they’ve banded together to make a bug-blasting alien shooter Gunheart, which, from the trailer, looks like one heck of a quality game.

The title gives you a variety of fun weapons to play with, and makes teleportation a feature rather than a problem you have to deal with. There’s no cooldown on this feature, so you can easily hop around the screen and shoot at the same time to get a fun, fast paced experience. The developers said they chose to embrace teleportation instead of using it as a crutch like many other games, and that is quite evident in the trailer.

The level design is very reminiscent of something from Epic, and it is just gorgeous. You definitely won’t be disappointed by the looks of this game when it launches later this summer, so look for our full review then.

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