Feel the shots while in a VR game with the upcoming Hardlight suit

Have you ever wondered while playing a game what it might be like to actually feel bullets hit your chest when an enemy fires at you in a first-person shooter? What about if you could feel the body blows in a fighting game? A company called Nullspace VR claims to have come up with a way to do just that while playing a virtual reality game, with its Hardight VR suit.

The suit, which is supposed to be compatible with PC VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, launched its Kickstarter fund raising campaign earlier this week, with a goal of raising $80.000 to start production of the Hardlight. As of this writing, the campaign is already well over halfway to achieving that goal.


The main part of the suit is the vest that contains 16 haptic feedback zones. Nullspace says those zones are supposed to target specific muscle groups. This allows it to react with games that are coded for the Hardlight. The suit also has trackers built into the vest, along with its arms, so they can work with the tracking hardware inside the Rift and Vive headsets.

Nullspace also claims the suit is sweatproof, which is always important when you start gaming and want to keep playing for hours. The company claims over 15 games can currently support the Hardlight, with more on the way. The Kickstarter campaign will let you pledge $499 to get your own Hardlight VR suit, and they are scheduled to ship sometime in September. There’s also the option of adding $20 to any Hardlight pledge to get two supported games, The Art of Fight and The Nest.

What do you think of this new VR accessory? Do you think such a suit would add to the experience of wearing a virtual reality headset while playing a game? Let us know your opinions in the comment!

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