HBO coming to VR with Google’s new Daydream platform

Google is already working hard on bringing its new Daydream platform to Android for a high performance native VR experience. Smartphone manufactures are already putting the necessary pieces in place to bring devices that utilise Daydream to market. Included in the variety of Daydream ready applications are some high profile content companies including Netflix and Hulu that have taken their own steps into bringing content to VR already. Significantly, however, is the inclusion of HBO Now in the companies that will reportedly launch VR content within the Daydream platform.

HBO Now is a streaming service that, for a monthly fee, allows viewers to enjoy the major titles from the network including Game of Thrones. HBO are yet to dip its toes into the virtual reality experience but it seems that is about to change with the help of Google and Daydream.

Having such a massive partner with the launch of Daydream could be the instant traction the platform needs – imagine watching Game of Thrones in virtual reality. It’s yet to be understood if HBO Now will come to other ecosystems, but it certainly seems Android will be the forefront of VR content when Daydream launches later this fall.

Source: UploadVR

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