Hellgate: London gets a prequel in virtual reality

If you haven’t heard of Hellgate: London, don’t feel too uncultured. The title was released in 2007 by Flagship Studios, a group comprised mostly of former Blizzard employees. Though the game has a very Diable-esque vibe, its MMO genre was simply overshadowed by that of World of Warcraft. While many would have thought that the franchise was all but dead at this point, it seems that the developers are looking to re-energize the series with a new prequel experience set in virtual reality.

The new game is set one day before the events in the original, which will task you with protecting Jessica Summerisle, one of the main characters in the original game. While it’s not exactly clear what the handling of the game will be like, it is evident that it will be played in the first person view for use in a virtual reality headset.

The platform of the title is also not specifically mentioned, though the report does say there will be a PC version, and the video shows off a Playstation VR title. This mean we will likely be getting version for the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, so watch out for those in the coming months/years, as well as one for PSVR.

Until then, check out the video above to get a glimpse of what the game might look like.

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