Here They Lie hands on (E3 2016)

Resident Evil 7 might be the talk of the town when it comes to Playstation VR, but there’s still another horror title that should know about – Here They Lie, from game developer Tangentlemen. Stopping by the Sony Playstation booth during E3 2016, we managed to get a sneak peek at this upcoming horror title for the Playstation VR. While it can possibly stand up well in 2D, bringing it to virtual reality presents gamers with a whole new level of terror.

Unlike most other demos we’ve been checking out at E3, the one for Here They Lie spanned a solid 10 minutes of game time, which is pretty lengthy when you think about it. In this horror title, we’re playing the game through the eyes of our character – who seems to be trapped in this nightmarish world that he can’t escape. It’s a psychological thriller that’ll have you taking cautious steps through this dark world of sorts.

Here They Lie 6

The game relies mostly on head movements to direct the light from out flashlight, while the left analog stick on the Dualshock 4 controller is used to steer our character around. Meanwhile, the right analog stick causes us to move in a quicker 90-degree movement. Thankfully enough, the animation is accompanied with a fade, so that there isn’t too much motion to cause sickness. And that’s what we were surprised most about with the VR experience with this game, since other first person perspectives tend to feel dizzying after a bit of time.

Visually, the graphics in this game are pretty sharp, relying on a moody atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re in a nightmarish world. Combing heavy use of shadows produced by the flashlight, which can also be manipulated by moving the Dualshock 4 controller, and the monotone colors that paint this nightmarish world, the game definitely delivers an immersive experience that makes us proceed with caution.

Here They Lie 5

Most of the time, Here They Lie relies on the dark atmosphere to draw us in, and so far from what we’ve seen, it’s able to keep us locked into what’s happening around us. Crazy things start to happen, like how a hallway constantly stretches as we try to get ever so closer to opening the door at the end. Things like that kind of mess with your mind, which is one of the reasons why this game is able to pull us in so tightly. The VR aspect, despite being very much like other first person perspective games, does nicely to make us feel like we’re in the shoes of the character through its story telling.

Like we said already, Resident Evil 7 won’t have any issues drawing audiences, especially when it was showcased during Sony’s press conference for E3 2016, but don’t count out Here They Lie as well – it absolutely has a uniqueness of its own that’s also worth the look.


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