Hide away with Anne Frank in a new VR film experience

Film is an incredibly diverse medium. From telling heartwarming tales to scaring audiences out of their seats, film can help directors and artists tell stores like no other. With VR, artists now have an entirely new dimension from which to tell their stories. We’ve seen a couple of short films released utilizing the technology over the past couple of months, allowing users to peek inside the lives of every character and relive the film over and over again.

With so many incredible benefits coming from crafting films for VR viewing, it would be no surprise to see a massive influx of these films flowing in in the next couple of months, years, and further. One such story being about to be told is that of Anne Frank, who spent more than two years in hiding in a small annex in Amsterdam. Anne shared the room with seven others, keeping a diary throughout the entire experience, which has come to be known as one of the most important documents from the era.

The film guides players through the annex, allowing them to interact with and experience a recreation of the scene. Though still touted as a film, the experience will be between 3 to 5 minutes, showcasing the area in a very documentary-like manor.

“We’re just trying to recreate history,”

says Jonah Hirsch, producer of the film.

“And make the viewer feel as if they were a fly on the wall and got to see what actually happened. The experience won’t just reveal a static scene, but will contain movement. I look for specific moments in history that are meaningful, have universal appeal, [and] work well in a virtual reality environment.”

Danny Abrahms, the film’s director and writer agrees. He wants people to try to get a deep understanding for what it was really like to have lived in such a cramped space during the war, hiding away from the terrors of the outside world.

“Traditional film is a great storytelling tool, however by immersing viewers in the annex itself and allowing them to witness history in real time firsthand, we believe VR is able to create new levels of appreciation and empathy.”

With technology evolving the way we see film, it won’t be long until theaters have VR headsets for the viewers, sparking the curiosity of the average moviegoer. Are you interested in virtual reality storytelling? What about in a documentary style?

via: Fox News

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