There will be a consumer HoloLens, and it will be under $1,000

Microsoft’s HoloLens is in amazing product. Right now, it defines the ultimate in augmented reality technology, and only looks more and more promising as developers create software for it that revolutionizes how we do everyday tasks. It’s biggest problem however, is its availability. At $3,000 for a developer model and $5,000 for an enterprise suite, these things are not exactly easy to get. That is now set to change in the not so distant future however, as confirmed by HoloLens head Alex Kipman in a recent interview with CNET.

In the interview, Kipman talked about how augmented reality really needs to be perfected before it is released into the consumer space. This is one of the big reasons the average user hasn’t seen the headset available to them quite yet. Kipman mentions that with both augmented and virtual reality, it’s very important that the software works extremely well, as stuttering and glitches can lead to sickness and nausea in many users. Kipman wants to iron out as many flaws as possible in the headset before bringing it to the mass market, and that is absolutely a commendable notion.

Probably the biggest reason the augmented reality platform has not made its way to store shelves however, is the sheer cost. $3,000 is not something 99% of people are going to be willing to pay to get their hands on the technology, even if it is more advanced than anything else on the market. Kipman says that a ‘below $1,000’ price-tag is in the roadmap, but he could not discuss when or how that would be happening. Still, it’s exciting to know that Microsoft is at least looking into getting this technology into the hands of the average user. Given just a little more development time, HoloLens could completely revolutionize the world as we know it.

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