New Homebound trailer shows an incredible Vive and Rift experience

Quixel is likely best known for it’s high quality imagery and incredible looking graphics. Just recently, the team confirmed that it will be releasing a virtual reality experience on Steam on the 16th of February (later than the original Q4 2016 plan), and have just launched a brand new trailer to ensure that fans of the studio are sufficiently hyped.

Running on Unreal Engine 4, ‘Homebound’ takes place in the cold darkness of space, and will likely be some sort of survival/horror experience. The team has confirmed that the title will actually be pretty short, lasting only 10-30 minutes, but will also be very inexpensive, so those who were hoping for a full-fledged title will likely be pretty disappointed, though the price should make up for it.

The game features a time trial mode, so while the story may be relatively short, it’s made to be played again and again to be able to race to beat your previous score. There will be secrets hidden within every environment in the game as well, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore around and look for these little secrets and Easter eggs.

Check out the trailer above to see if the atmosphere is for you. Though it doesn’t show a lot about the game, the developers are likely trying to hide a lot of the actual game for those who purchase it.



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