How to Clean a VR Headset and Lenses

VR headset
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If you want your VR headset to serve you well for a long time, you have to take good care of it by protecting it from mechanical damage and cleaning it on a regular basis. In this article, we provide helpful tips on how to accomplish the latter.

By properly cleaning your VR headset, you protect its resale value, allowing you to get as much money back as possible if you ever decide to put it on the second-hand market.

How to Clean Plastic Parts

Most VR headsets feature two kinds of plastic parts:

  • Hard plastic parts, such as the headset body itself.
  • Soft plastic parts, such as face cushions.

Some headsets make it possible to separate different plastic parts from one another, but some don’t. The good news is that you can use the same approach when cleaning them.

We recommend you a soft cloth to clean the outside of your headset. If your headset is particularly dirty, you could in soapy water.

As far as the cleaning of the parts that touch your face goes, you can use non-abrasive, anti-bacterial wipes, but soapy water is also a good choice.

How to Clean Lenses

There’s nothing more annoying and eye-strain-inducing than using a VR headset whose lenses are dirty.

When cleaning your headset’s lenses, you must proceed carefully because the last thing you want is to scratch them.

If the lenses are clean except for some dust particles, then a can of compressed air should be your first choice.

If the lenses actually do have smudges on them, then a clean microfibre cloth (the kind you would use for reading glasses) is guaranteed to deliver great results.


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