HTC officially launches the Android-based Viveport M VR app platform in China


HTC continues to stick with its virtual reality business strategy that began with the release of the HTC Vive headset for PCs. Today, the company revealed the official launch of the Android-based Viveport M VR app platform. However, HTC is only offering this app store in China, at least for now.

HTC launched the beta of Viveport M in China a few weeks ago, and it is supposed to be compatible with most Android smartphones. It offers a number of VR-based apps, both free and paid, along with a selection of 360 degree videos. Many of those clips will come via a partnership with YoukuVR, which will supply Viveport M with over 100,000 360 degree videos to download.

The platform also includes access to the previously announced Vivepaper, which has been designed to let people read versions of print magazines in virtual reality. Viveport M is available to download in China from Alibaba’s PP Helper mobile application.

So far, HTC has not announced any plans to expand the reach of Viveport M to other countries, but it’s unlikely that it will keep it exclusive to China for much longer.

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