HTC announce $100m Vive X Accelerator Program for VR

HTC held a conference today in which the company addressed the ecosystem for the HTC Vive and the upcoming enhancements to the platform. Of those new experiences coming to the Vive was a new Accelerator Program in which $100 Million will be invested to “cultivate the VR industry and the development of the ecological business”.

Cher Wang, HTC CEO, announced that the Accelerator Program will be initially launched in Beijing, Taipei, and San Francisco. Known more formally as Vive X, this program will offer developers various tools in order to help develop VR content for the Vive, although other platforms could be added in future. Included in the program will be base-level administration, such as accounting and finance, as well as HR and legal advice to allow the developers to focus purely on creating VR content.

The Vive X program will also offer access to experienced VR developers for those seeking advice on creating VR content, and also venture capitalists looking to invest in startups, though no specific companies have been announced.

Applications for the Vive X program are now open and available at the official website.


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