HTC announces Viveport subscription plan, coming “early 2017”

HTC has announced a subscription plan for its Viveport digital distribution service at CES 2017. The world’s “first-ever app subscription service for virtual reality content” will launch alongside its new Vive tracker accessory in early 2017

HTC said that the service would provide “access to an ever-growing library of content for a low monthly fee” and offer “a new channel through which VR developers can monetize their content.”

HTC didn’t reveal any further details regarding what the subscription service would offer, or how much it would cost, though it sounds like it would have more in common with Netflix than services like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. Those offer a selection of free games each month, as well as discounts on other titles. HTC’s proposed “access” to the Viveport library may be more than just a handful of titles per month.

HTC is also rolling out an Arcade app store targetted at “arcades, cinemas, amusement parks and other location-based entertainment centers” seeking to introduce their customers to VR.

We’ll have more on all of HTC’s Vive plans in the coming weeks.

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