HTC announces the “Vive Tracker” to use real objects in the virtual world


The HTC Vive has great controllers. They’re shaped in a way that lets them emulate swords, golf clubs, and other objects in a great way. And while developers can make these fake objects believable to a certain extent, there isn’t anything quite like using these objects for real. That was the thought process of HTC when they decided to develop the “Vive Tracker” object virtualization system.

The tracker works like a small puck that gets attached to real world objects to become tracked in virtual space. In this way, you can attach a puck to a tennis racket, baseball bat, axe, and more to get the most immersive experience possible. Though the tracker is decently small, it might be a tad large for smaller objects such as a baseball. Stick to long/large objects for now.

The tracker has 6 hours of battery life to sustain long play sessions, and are already being integrated into 8 partner accessories. Since it uses the SteamVR open tracking API, it can be integrated into almost any accessory a manufacturer would want to develop.

HTC is giving away 1000 trackers by the 2nd half of 2017 to kick-start the program, and we’re hopeful that we will be seeing a number of integrated accessories soon. Though there are some tracked guns and such on the market right now, it will be nice to see more manufacturers creating new products int the near future.

Would you be interested in some integrated VR accessories for your Vive? Let us know.


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