HTC launches Vive App on iOS to keep connected in VR

HTC included bluetooth in the HTC Vive headset since they planned to include connectivity with a users phone to enable it to talk to the headset while you’re in VR, but the specific functionality was unclear. HTC have just launched the HTC Vive app on iOS to clarify the purpose of this connectivity.

The official HTC Vive iOS app brings important information from your iPhone to the headset in the VR environment. Unfortunately there is yet to be a companion Android app to offer the same functionality, but given the connection relies only on bluetooth, it seems only a matter of time before Android is supported. Honestly, it’s a little ironic that the support came to iOS first considering HTC is an Android device maker.

Don’t miss what’s important IRL [In Real Life] while you’re in VR. To get essential notifications in the world of virtual reality, just connect your iPhone with your HTC Vive. Notifications about phone calls, text messages and calendar events pop up without interrupting play and appear in the Vive tab on your System Dashboard so you can view them later too.

From the Vive tab on your System Dashboard, you can:

– Respond to a missed call
– Read text messages or call the sender back
– Get notified about calendar events and view the details

The functionality seems very limited in nature and it’s probably down to iOS rather than HTC omitting functionality from the app itself. It also seems that native app notifications will not be mirrored to the HTC Vive – again, probably down to iOS limitations.

Hopefully HTC can work on improving the functionality for the iOS companion app for the Vive in future updates.


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