HTC is launching its own virtual reality app store


Virtual reality is about more than just gaming. Over the last few months, we’ve seen an incredible amount of use cases pop up for the platform. Using the HTC Vive and other head mounted display systems, companies like BMW have found incredibly innovative ways to utilize the technology to be more efficient in our daily lives. Whether you’re painting in 3 dimensional space, building a model car, or decorating your home, virtual reality applications are popping up all over that will fit your specific use case.

While Valve’s Steam platform has included much more than just video games in the past, HTC is looking to separate other applications into a new marketplace it’s calling Viveport. Through the app, people will be able to shop for experiences not specifically related to gaming, including titles like Sketchfab and The Blu. While these titles will continue to exist on Valve’s marketplace, HTC is looking to separate experiences and tools into a separate category from its primary gaming market.

One of the primary goals in introducing the marketplace is to more easily spread virtual reality into countries like China, where Steam is much less established. Adding this store will make it easier for companies to find the tools they need without without wafting through the hoards of games Steam offers, and allow businesses in these less established countries to use virtual reality much more fluidly and effectively. HTC are certainly not attempting to segment the Steam market, but rather create a place where people can go to access more essential tools more easily.

We’re recommending developers to publish on all platforms.

says HTC Vive senior vice president Rikard Stelber.

We don’t necessarily want to compete with it, we basically want to add additional categories.

While users will still have to launch Steam in order to use Vive, the company thinks the new marketplace will open up the headset to those who normally wouldn’t have access, and will generate enough new users to make development worthwhile.

Would you use a separate marketplace for titles not strictly target at gaming? While Steam will likely remain the most popular option in the United States, the new store may see much more rapid growth in other countries, which would help the platform grow as a whole.

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