HTC opens applications for its first 1000 Vive Trackers

HTC debuted the Vive Tracker virtual reality puck back at CES 2017, where they showed off applications ranging from VR gloves to tracked baseball bats. The puck can be attached to almost any object, which can then be replicated in the virtual world using 3D modeling. The company says there are endless possibilities as to what you can do with the puck, and they’re looking to give 1000 of the first models off the production line to those who believe they can change the world with it.

HTC will be taking applications until February 7th, hoping that developers can prove to them how they would use the puck to further the immersion of their virtual application. The team says they’re specifically looking for “new thinking that keep VR open, fun, functional, future looking, and maybe even a little weird”.

You can apply to get your own Tracker here , where you’ll have to explain your company as well as how you think the Vive Tracker can develop your idea. While there will likely be hundreds or even thousands of applications being sent to HTC, only 1000 units will be sent out to developers.

Have an idea you want to see come to fruition? Go out an apply!


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  1. that is not right you don’t have a great screen in vive video you can only goto a limit size and the vive port does not work for videos why have a screen if it doesn’t work in viveport

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