HTC teams up with Logitech to help create VR keyboards for the Vive

HTC is offering developers for its Vive VR headset a chance to test a new tool, co-created by Logitech, that’s designed to help create better VR experiences with using a keyboard. It’s called the BRIDGE developers kit, and the SDK will be given to 50 select Vive developers, based on applications that are being taken from now until November 16.

In a blog post, HTC said that using keyboards with a VR headset was required for some tasks, such as surfing the net with a web browser. However, the interactions with such a keyboard were not natural, or at least not based on the normal way we use keyboards on our PCs. The BRIDGE developers kit is being offered to help developers create more natural interactions with a physical keyboard while still using a VR headset.

The BRIDGE developers kit will consist of a Logitech G gaming keyboard, along with an extra accessory that puts HTC’s Vive Tracker correctly on the keyboard. Those items, along with the software tools, should help app creators create natural interactions with their VR apps and a real keyboard. The Vive Tracker, combined with the SDK, should allow for a user’s hands to be visible so he or she can see and type on the keyboard.

The price of the SDK is $150. While only 50 developers will be picked for this initial beta test of the tools, it’s possible more will be invited in the coming weeks and months.


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