HTC Vive and accessories get free shipping for a limited time


If you’ve ever tried to purchase an HTC Vive, you’ve probably noticed that shipping the darn thing can cost an arm and a leg. This can deter some potential buyers, as often shipping and tax can add up to be 20% or more of the items original cost. Now, it seems that the company has opted to offer free shipping to its customers for a limited time.

As brought up by a user on Reddit, potential buyers can now purchase Vive headsets and accessories without having to worry about these charges. The company has recently begun selling the 3-in-1 cable that is often shipped with RMA orders, and many users have been looking to get their hands on them. In the past, the shipping charges outweighed the cost of the cables pretty heavily, so it really wasn’t worth it to most people to make the purchase. With free shipping however, it seems many users are jumping at the opportunity.

Buyers can also find other accessories such as a USB extension cable, base station, link box and more on the site, so if you were looking to buy any of these to make your experience better, go at it.

You can check out the Vive and accessories here.

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