HTC Vive accessories go on sale with a high price tag


The HTC Vive accessory store is now open for business, but you’ll see different things depending on where you live.

The UK and European stores offer a wide range of accessories, from extra controllers to even a Lighthouse base station, but strangely the US store only offers a set of two face cushions, a nose rest, and a USB extender.

No doubt HTC are busy updating its inventory before making all the items live on the respective stores, so expect to see updates over the next few days.

As far as pricing goes, things are very expensive. The HTC Vive is already expensive at $799. HTC seem to think that those that can afford to pay that on a VR headset can also pay crazy prices for accessories.

In the UK, a base station unit costs £121.99 (about $164) and a controller will set you back £116.99 (about $157). So if you wanted two extra controllers for your headset, you’ll be shelling out over $300. It could be that these are just placeholder prices to discourage anyone from placing orders while the store is updated and the whole range added. That unfortunately I feel is optimistic.

Drop us a comment below – what do you think of the prices for the accessories you can see in the store for your home country?


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