HTC Vive box contents revealed, and there’s a lot of components

It’s a cold April morning, and you’ve just woken up. You get up to make coffee, and suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. You wonder what it could be, and your mind is swimming with possibilities. Suddenly you realize, the HTC Vive is out! You race to the door and lo and behold, there it is, in all it’s glory. HTC and Valve logos stamped onto the packaging, you’ve never seen anything so beautiful. As you rip open the box, excitement turns to horror, and you are completely overwhelmed. There are so many parts, you don’t want to read the instructions, you just want to use the damn thing!

Fortunately, you don’t have to feel this way come April 5th (when the first orders are expected to hit), because Polygon recently released an infographic detailing each individual component you’ll be getting in the box. The list is actually fairly extensive, and it’s extremely helpful to be able to visualize exactly how the items are oriented. The amount of items is not at all surprising though, as the Vive features one of the most unique VR experiences to date.


With Vive, your room is your landscape, and you’re able to traverse the depths of the ocean and the heights of the clouds from the comfort of your own home. That experience takes a lot of processing power, so there needs to be a number of lengthy cables and cameras to make the experience really shine. Inside you’ll find 2 docking stations, a number of cables, earbuds, the headset, controllers, and even a cleaning cloth. It’s clear that Valve has gone out of their way to make you are getting the best experience for your money.

With all that hardware, though, the unit doesn’t come cheap. At $799, the device is somewhat limiting to a lot of end users looking for a first-class VR experience. And while the next generation will likely be much more accessible to the general population, Valve is seeking to drop a bombshell with this model that resonates for generations to come. Reviews thus far have been nothing short of awestruck, and we can be hopeful that developers will leap onto the device as the next big platform.


Featured image credit: TechStage (via Flickr)

Source: Polygon


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