Get the HTC Vive bundled with four free VR games and apps until March 31

Buying the $800 HTC Vive is certainly a huge investment for most people. Now it looks like the company behind the PC-based virtual reality headset want to add a little more value when folks decide to make the plunge and start using this new technology. From now until March 31, buyers of the headset will be able to get a total of four free VR games and apps when they purchase the Vive.

Previously, the Vive was bundled with just two free games: The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed and Zombie Training Simulator. The two new free games can be redeemed and downloaded via HTC’s in-house app store Viveport.

The first title is Richie’s Plank Experience, from developer Toast. When you put on the headset and run the game, it makes you think you are riding an elevator to the top of a tall skyscraper, and then you try to “walk” outside that building on just a short and thin wooden plank. Obviously, this game is not for someone who doesn’t like heights. The game also allows you to get the sensation of just flying around the city.

The other game, or rather app, is one we have talked about before: Everest VR. Developed by Sólfar Studios and RVX, it will allow Vive owners to see what few have; the top of the tallest mountain on Earth. Everest VR includes the use of 300,000 real photos that were taken at the mountain itself, which were later integrated into the app using Unreal Engine 4.

HTC claims that Vive buyers will get a total of $75 worth of free games and apps with their purchase. The offer is available on the company’s website and you can get the same bundle over at Amazon. HTC says they plan to keep refreshing the free bundle of games with new titles on a regular basis.


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