HTC Vive likely the 2nd best selling VR headset of 2016

VR is growing at a rapid pace, and 2016 introduced almost every major option available today into the mainstream.

Oculus saw its Rift headset make a consumer appearance, Sony released their Playstation VR option, and finally, HTC and Valve got their Vive headset into the consumer space. While the first of the two options were highly anticipated for quite a long time, HTC came out swinging from essentially nowhere. They also got it into the public before anyone else, which apparently helped it to secure the place of the 2nd best selling headset of 2016.

On Wednesday, a market information advisory firm called Canalys released a report which said that HTC shipped 500,000 units so far in 2016. Though this is still quite a bit lower than their reported 800,000 units shipped for the Sony Playstation VR, the high price and power hungry requirements make the sales figures quite a surprise.

The firm says the Black Friday sale held by the company helped boost sales quite a bit, at least in the US market. In addition, the company pushed the device in China even more, which apparently yielded very strong sales in the region. In fact, HTC’s China regional president for Vive even stated that the headset has been leading VR devices in China since its launch, showing the power the company has in the space.

China also holds an annual event they like to call “Double 11 sales day”, which takes place on November 11th every year, and is apparently equivalent to Cyber Monday in America. The Vive was apparently the best Selling VR headset on popular Chinese shopping site during the event, showing just how popular it has become.

If you were interested in how the competition was doing, Oculus is said to have shipped just 400,000 units this year, which has already received a big boost from the launch of the Oculus Touch motion controllers. That’s not too far off from the Vive, but considering the two headsets launched at about the same time, and adding in the fact that the Vive costs $200 more, that is a big win for HTC.

While we will likely see a big jump in the competition in the coming year. HTC is rumored to be showing off a second generation product any time now, so it’s exciting to see how that changes sales numbers in 2017.

Do you own a Vive yourself? Are you happy about these estimates? Let us know in the comments.


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