HTC Vive now shipping in 2-3 days for new orders, more in-store demos too!

HTC Vive 213

“The era of modern, high-end VR is here! Or well, it will be after you order it and wait months and months for it to ship.” The previous statement is pretty much how it has been for those looking to buy the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive ever since the headsets landed on the market earlier this year. The good news is that this situation is about to change, at least for the Vive.

Today HTC proudly announced in a press release that customers who purchase the HTC Vive online can now expect it in just two to three business days. That’s a far cry better than the previous wait times of weeks, if not months. It’s also better than the situation that Oculus currently finds itself in, with new Rift orders estimated to hit around August.

In addition to ramping up the shipping speed for online orders, HTC is also increasing the Vive’s brick-and-mortar presence. HTC is expanding in-store demos to more than a hundred new retail locations this month, and we are already seeing the first fruits of that endeavor with the introduction of demos over at select Micro Center locations.


The HTC Vive might be more expensive than the Oculus Rift, but its tech is also a bit more advanced, thanks to its motion controllers and a sensor hub that gives users the ability to physically move around within games. Having arguably more advanced tech is already a small advantage for HTC, but if the Vive continues to be easier for consumers to purchase as well, Oculus could find itself losing out to its rival in terms of overall marketshare. Of course, it’s really to early to call at this stage. Hopefully Oculus will soon be able to ramp up its unit production as well.

What do you think –interested in picking up the HTC Vive, now that it easier to find in stock? If not, which VR headset are you most interested in? Playstation VR, something else? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.


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