HTC releases new tutorials and code for the Vive Tracker to developers

The HTC Vive Tracker, the recently released developer accessory for the HTC Vive VR headset, is getting some more support from the company in the hopes of jump-starting the launch of new products made especially for the Vive. HTC is releasing some code and tutorials for a number of products that use the Vive Tracker to give developers some working examples of these kinds of devices.

The Vive Tracker is a hockey puck-like product that’s designed to attach to real world objects so they can be tracked by the HTC Vive headset. Developers can now check out the code for some products that have used the Vive Tracker, such as one that’s been coded so the tracker can connect to a mobile phone. The tracker was used in a demo that allowed a person to play a VR shooting game with his Vive headset-wearing friend, because he was able to “see” what his friend was seeing via the display of the smartphone.

Another project put the Vive Tracker on the bottom of a 3D-printed spray can, so the user can spray virtual graffiti on a wall while wearing the HTC Vive. Finally, the company has also released a tool so that developers can use the Vive Tracker as a motion-tracked camera for recording VR videos.

The HTC Vive Tracker is currently available on the official Vive site for the price of $99, plus $26 for shipping. A consumer version is slated to be released later this year.


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