HTC Vivepaper lets you enjoy magazines in VR

Back at Oculus Connect 3 in San Jose, we had the opportunity to check out an awesome title from Square Enix called Project Hikari. The software was more of an experience than a game, and moved users through a floating manga while introducing some interactive elements. This was an awesome experience, and made me yearn for some additional methods to enjoy virtual reality reading. Now, HTC has introduced Vivepaper, a dedicated application to sit back and enjoy your favorite magazines.

The company is partnering with companies like Conde Nast to produce fully fledged magazines in a virtual space. By using a physical booklet with special QR codes in combination with the Vive’s front facing camera, readers can turn the pages in real life to manipulate the magazine in the virtual world, and HTC argues that many readers prefer this experience quite a bit.

Users are able to ‘feel’ the content at hand rather than just view it on a screen

says a representative from the company.

Now you might be thinking, “Why exactly is this better than a regular magazine?”. Vivepaper allows for VR content such as 360 degree video, 3D elements, and audio to enhance your magazine viewing experience. This is an absolutely awesome way to view a magazine, because now the same content can be enjoyed in a whole new way. Adding video and audio to magazines completely redefines the media, and I would be much more interested in getting weekly issues if they had this kind of content.

The app will be available via Viveport on October 31st, but sadly is limited to China for now. HTC says they are in talks with many Western publications however, and are planning on publishing many new magazines in the near future. While the app is only available on PC and Mobile as of now, it should be coming to iOS devices as well sometime next year,

Are you excited for a new magazine experience?

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