HTC adds over 75 VR games to its Viveport subscription service

Owners of the HTC Vive VR headset can now access even more games with the company’s Viveport subscription plan. HTC revealed today that Viveport has added over 75 more games, doubling its total number of titles to over 150 games.

HTC first launched the Viveport service just two months ago, so the fact that it now has double the amount of VR titles to access is certainly a plus for Vive owners. The $6.99 a month fee, with a free 30-day trial, allows subscribers to access up to five games from the service each month.

Fans of action and shooter games will find a lot to like in the list of new VR titles added to Viveport. They include the robot shooter game CyberThreat, the sci-fi FPS Overkill VR, and the cyberpunk ninja title Sairento VR. There are also very different VR games in this list, including the tower defense game Kittypocalypse, where you have to defend yourself against cute, but deadly, alien kittens.

Some of the new games on the Viveport list have not been previously released outside of Asia. That includes the fantasy themed games Eternity Warriors VR and Tales of Glacier. You can check out the entire list of Viveport games, as well as sign up for the service, at the link below. Which of these new games will you be checking out on your HTC Vive headset? Let us know in the comments!


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