HTC may be working on a mobile VR headset

It seems that the HTC Vive may not be the only thing the company is working on in the VR space, as it would appear that HTC are considering a smartphone-powered VR unit, similar to that of the Gear VR.

The HTC Vive offers a PC-powered, fully immersive, virtual reality experience, but it seems HTC have identified that there is significant scope and market for a smaller, lower powered, more portable version. Drew Bamford of HTC Creative Labs said that it would make sense for HTC to “work on more kinds of VR products, and products that unite our phone business and our VR business”, though he didn’t exactly confirm HTC was working on a smaller VR unit.

Samsung offered a Gear VR with a purchase of a new Galaxy S7 as a initial launch promotional offer, so for HTC to do the same thing with a mobile VR headset of their own would make total sense. Of course, it’s too early to say if such a product is being worked on in time for the next major HTC flagship or if it’s just something will bring to the table ‘eventually’. It’s also unclear how such a product might differ from the Gear VR.


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