Huawei VR headset officially unveiled in China

Following in Samsung’s footsteps with the Gear VR, Huawei seem to be getting involved with virtual reality as the company unveil its own VR headset in China for its new P9 smartphones.

Similar to the Gear VR, the Huawei VR headset works in conjunction with a smartphone to provide the display and also the sensors for detecting movement. Huawei VR is compatible with the P9 and P9 Plus and comes complete with a touchpad on the right side of the headset that can be used to manipulate the software and has a back button just above it. The two compatible Huawei smartphones only have a 1080p resolution display making them significantly lower than the range of QHD displays offered by Samsung meaning that pixels will be more visible when using it, which could cause motion sickness.

Huawei has not announced pricing for their headset or a release date but said it will definitely arrive in markets in 2016 and quite likely in this season, whatever that means.

Source: AndroidAuthority

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