Hulu releases Virtual Reality app for Samsung Gear VR

While Netflix has been available for Gear VR and other VR platforms for a while now, Hulu hasn’t been so quick to take the leap, until today. Like Netflix, Hulu offers its entire 2D library, giving you the appearance of being in a virtual theater/living room of sorts.

What about truly “VR” content, though? That’s where Hulu is going the extra mile, offering a small, but likely quick to grow, selection of 360-degree videos for your streaming pleasure – around 30 at the current count. The content provided comes from a number of sources including National Geographic, Viacom, and others. Best of all the VR content is free to watch, even for those that don’t have a paid Hulu subscription.

We tested out of a few of them for ourselves and found that the content is pretty solid, though most of the vids were only a few minutes in length. One of our favorites is a fake newscast where a group of people have gathered to watch a “daytime meteor shower” and things quickly go horribly wrong.

The Hulu app is available right via the Gear VR Oculus Store. If you have a Gear VR laying around, we absolutely recommend giving it a try.


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