Hulu VR comes to the Oculus Rift


After a long time coming, Hulu have finally released a VR app to watch the streaming service in virtual reality for the Oculus Rift.

Previously if you wanted to watch Hulu in VR you would be forced to use a Gear VR headset but now the company have released a version for the Rift.

You’ll notice with Hulu VR for the Oculus Rift that the experience is a lot smoother, highly responsive, and just looks better thanks to the increased processing power it can leverage from the tethered PC connection. You’ll also find themed viewing rooms for shows.

Hulu partnered with 12 Monkeys executive producer, Terry Matalas, and production designer, John Mott, to create a space that includes real time rendered environments and animations that bring the content to life.

For fans of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, we introduced a new, immersive virtual environment to watch the entire first season, only on Hulu. Viewers who navigate to the 12 Monkeys show page will be automatically transported to the iconic Temporal Facility, which houses the time machine, in this time travel thriller.

Included within the Hulu VR app is 30 pieces of original VR content available for free without the need for a Hulu subscription. Hulu subscribers can also stream Hulu’s entire library of 2D content in immersive 3D environments.

It’s great Hulu are bringing its VR app and content to more platforms, and hopefully we’ll see it on the HTC Vive and even Daydream VR in the future.


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