Hunt or be hunted in Cloudgate Studio’s “Island 359”


VR is still a very new platform. While the promise of immersive and interactive games hold a lot of hope for the future, many developers still don’t know how to interact with the new hardware. Because of this, the marketplace has been plagued with an influx of static wave clearing shooters, keeping the player in one spot while trying their best to survive an onslaught of aggressive enemies. New developer Cloudgate Studios are looking to change that, however, with an exciting new free-movement survival horror.

“Island 359” drops players within a dino-filled landscape with one objective: survive. The company was frustrated with the amount of static shooters hitting the market, and decided to do something about it. In “Island 359”, users will be able to move around the map just as they would in a regular pc game, sprinting to different locations to keep users from acquiring motion sickness.

According to co-founder Jack Bower:

You have complete freedom of movement. You can pretty much get to anywhere you think you should be able to get to. You look, select, and then it seems like you are sprinting. We did it this way because teleporting creates a huge disconnect for players since it’s not natural. No one can actually teleport in real life.

Bower thinks we’ve only tapped the surface of what virtual reality gaming experiences can be, and is looking to redefine the industry with his title. Because of it’s unique playstyle, Bower believes that the game will become a standard in vr gaming.

We are killing ourselves trying to make this so much more than just another wave shooter, but just with dinosaurs,” explained Bowler during an interview. “There is so much untapped potential in VR. We didn’t want to just make Brookhaven with dinos. That was an awesome experiment, we love how many people we were able to scare and terrify, but now we really want to give you a deeper and meatier experience. Something more than just an arcadey game. We really want Island 359 to be one of the first go-to experiences when you get your Vive and demo it to people.

The title features multiple weapons to use at your disposal, and forces users to deal with an onslaught of dinos looking to take them out at any opportunity. Even while sprinting through the massive jungle present in the game, there will be velocirators and other creatures looking to get a piece of you. The player will have the option of using powerful but loud weapons which attract other dinos, or use stealth to their advantage to take out the monsters on a case by case basis.

There seems to be an incredible amount of content present in this title, and it should be a ton of fun. While we don’t have a copy of the game quite yet, we’ll be sure to get back to you on our thoughts as soon as we have spent some quality time with it. Island 359 is expected to hit Steam later this summer in early access, compatible with the HTC Vive and likely with any other VR headsets that work with Steam VR.

via: Venture Beat

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