iFixit Gives Oculus Rift the Teardown Treatment

Ever wonder what’s inside your Rift that makes it cost the pretty penny of $600? Wonder no more, as iFixit have taken it upon themselves to tear down the headset into it’s individual components. The treatment revealed quite a bit of circuitry, including ribbon cables, a motherboard, LED drivers, and more.

In the past, Oculus used a single Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen to cast the image to your eyes, but now, the company is using 2 separate 2160 x 1200 displays each clocked at 90 Hz, which should help to significantly reduce frame stutter. The screens don’t come cheap, and they’re a big reason why the headset costs the pretty penny that is does. Another notable feature of the updated headset is the addition of tracking LED’s on the back of the headset. Previously, the LED’s only existed on the front of the device, and the addition of back LED’s should significantly help the devices camera to track your head in 3D space.

The iFixit guys also made it a point to note that Oculus has produced hybrid Fresnel lenses, which are made up of prisms of uniform thickness just like any regular Fresnel lens, but have added an additional curved layer to help the focus vary along the lens’ vertical axis. This is actually an incredible achievement, as it allows the user to simply shift the position of the headset on their face, which omits the need for multiple sets of lenses such as those included in the development kit.


In the end, iFixit gave the headset a 7/10 repairability score, which is a great sign, considering you’ll likely be spending a lot of time with it. Fortunately, all you’ll really need to take the headset apart is a pry tool and a couple of screwdrivers, so there’s no need to go out and purchase any special wrenches for the project.

If you’re having any issues with your headset, this is a great place to start to fix it yourself. Check out the whole tear down here.

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