IMAX debuts new virtual reality experience – here’s where to check it out

IMAX has always been known as having one of the most immersive film experiences around, but with the coming of virtual reality into the industry, they need to find a new reason to get people away from their headsets and back into theaters. That’s why the company has decided to move their theaters into the new age of entertainment by debuting the “IMAX VR Experience”.

When viewers enter the theater, they are greeted with their own VR “Pod” where they put on either an HTC Vive or STARVR headset. From here, they can choose between a few different titles such as Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, John Wick, Eagle Flight, and others. They use 360 degree audio alongside quite a bit of space to get the best experience possible, which should provide an even more immersive experience than if you were using your headset at home.

The event will take place on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Though this is currently the only location offering the experience, IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond has confirmed that there will be five more locations available for viewing sometime in 2017.

Check out the IMAX VR Website to see a full list of titles currently being offered and to book your tickets now.

Would you pay to do VR in an experience like this? It seems to be a great way for people who are new to the technology to find out just how immersive VR can be, and we hope it pushes the consumer knowledge of the technology forward.


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