Are VR video ads the future of VR advertising? Immersv and its investors think so

The world of modern VR has really heated up in the last few years with the introduction of major players like Sony, Oculus, Valve/HTC, Samsung, and even Google itself. Despite all the growth, the reality is that this industry is very new, and if it’s going to be a success it will need two things – enough fans to push it forward, and enough revenue to draw the right developers to the many existing VR platforms. To help with the later we have platforms like Immersv.

What’s Immersv? In a nutshell, Immersv is a 360-degree advertising platform. Basically the LA start-up takes many of the same principles that made free-to-play mobile games so successful, but attempts to translate them into the VR world. The ads appear somewhat out of the way throughout the VR games and apps that use it — think in the bottom-corner, etc. If you stare at the ad for a bit though, it will launch a 360-degree movie theater where a short 3D ad video will play before taking you back to your content.

Why is it a big deal? Again, for VR to really take off, it needs to be successfully monetized. While there are a number of paid VR experiences, the freemium model has proven very successful in recent years and it makes a lot of sense to bring a similar mechanic to the VR world. A number of VR ad platforms will likely crop up in the passing years, but for now Immersv seems the most promising.

Immersv just raised $10.5 million in a series A. If you need proof of Immersv’s growing success, look no further than today’s announcement that their Series A round of funding ending with raising $10.5 million from contributors including HTC Vive, The Venture Reality Fund, and Foundation Capital.

What’s next? For Immersv, the money will be used to improve the tech and make it more seamless with the VR experience. For consumers like you? It means that the number of fremium games will likely continue to rise thanks in large part to players like immersv. What that means for premium and AAA games in the future? Good question, and one we aren’t sure of just yet.

What do you think of the idea of 360-degree advertising. Does it make sense to take the mobile advertising model and apply it to VR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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