VRLA – The Experience!

VRLA was said to be “the world’s largest VR and AR expo”, so we hit the road to see what kinds of reality this show could bring to the table. What did we find? A space of about half a block full of developers and hardware manufacturers showing off what the future of the industry would look like.

We got to check out plenty of game demos, including some that showcase how the ideal arcade of the future could be. A couple of our favorites were Ion Torq and Hado. The first was a driving shooter game a la Halo, in which one player could drive while the other shot at the enemy. In Hado people teamed up to beat an opposing team by throwing power balls at each other.

Other VRLA content:

These games, along with hardware like the Infinadeck and HoloLens made the 8-hour trip worth every second. Were we impressed? Hardly. Everything seemed half-baked, graphics were second-rate at best and most demos had serious bugs going on. But we must keep in mind this wasn’t really a demonstration of what VR is. There is a bright future ahead for VR, and at VRLA was but a taste of the relatively new market’s birth.

By the way, we are not trying to say there isn’t great VR content out there. It’s impressive what you can find if you invest a good amount of money into it. The good stuff just wasn’t at this specific event.

Go ahead and check out the video to learn our thoughts on the event, what we checked out, the future of VR and more. And don’t forget to hit the comments to let us know your very own thoughts!

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